Friday, September 05, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg: Strong (Conservative) Women are Dangerous

The nomination of Sarah Palin as Sen. John McCain's Vice Presidential nominee has set the cause of feminism back 100 years.

You read right. The feminists are so flummoxed and perplexed that a conservative woman is stealing their thunder, that they've resorted to denying their feminist doctrine!

Take Whoopi Goldberg, for instance:
Whoopi’s article concluded by suggesting Gov. Palin's speech reminded her of a German-American Nazi rally: "This girl is dangerous to me. This is a very dangerous woman, because I believe for her intents and purposes, she’s OK if everybody lives a certain way, that is to say, the way God ordained men and women to be. Well, already she’s breaking that because she’s the daddy. She’s going to run the country and the husband is going to take care of the kids. I just found the whole thing sad and very musty and very much like a Bund rally, but maybe that was just me."
Yes, Whoopi, I think it is just you. But I digress.

So Whoopi has her panties in a knot (ooh... that evoked a nauseating picture) because a woman is living a feminist dream, and she's a-- gasp!! conservative!!! How dare a conservative woman attain the acme of an egalitarian's dream! Dammit--she's supposed to be home baking cookies!

Ohh... sweet irony!