Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama "Hearts" the Military?

What do you get when you elect a military-loathing socialist to the office of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?

Why, crap sandwiches for our men and women in uniform, that's what.

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office details just one proposal that would increase out of pocket expenses for medical care for Military Families and Veterans, while others would lose their VA benefits altogether. Other proposals would raise Tricare fees, co-payments and deductibles. Veterans whose medical condition isn’t service related could end up no longer being eligible for VA medical care at all. While nothing has been approved at this juncture, the Congressional Budget Office director at this time is President-elect Obama’s choice to be his director of the Office of Management and Budget, and who led the work on this proposal, Peter R. Orszag, so it very possibly will have a very real, very devastating affect on our Troops and our Veterans.

“We are going to go through our federal budget, as I promised during the campaign, page by page, line by line, eliminating those programs we don’t need and insisting that those that we do need operate in a sensible, cost-effective way,” Obama said in November as he announced Orszag’s nomination to join his cabinet .

“We’re also going to focus on one of the biggest, long-run challenges that our budget faces, namely the rising cost of health care in both the public and private sectors,” Obama continued. “This is not just a challenge but also an opportunity to improve the health care that Americans rely on, and to bring down the costs that taxpayers, businesses and families have to pay. That is what [OMB] will do in my administration.”

Obama added, “Peter doesn’t need a map to tell him where the bodies are buried in the federal budget. He knows what works and what doesn’t, what’s worth our precious tax dollars and what is not.”1

I received an email from a military veteran, who states,
Original Message ----- From: Wayne Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 6:00 PM
Subject: Fwd: VET'S...HEADS UP!!!!

I'm pissed! Free health care for the illegals, but screw the American citizen and the vets! Time to take our country back and get rid of these liberal bastards!

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Bill Baugh" Date: February 12, 2009 12:58:01 PM PST To:
Subject: VET'S...HEADS UP!!!!

FYI! *****


Everyone who is receiving a benefit from the V.A. for a service related injury will have to be re-assessed and the proposal states this will affect
"90% of vets receiving V.A. benefits and will save the government $53 Billion dollars over 10 years." I guess that we will all pay for the poor judgement of others. About Obama's Heath Care proposal on Active Duty Military Families and Veterans. Everyone, My office just got word today that our new President Obama has proposed a plan to cut military health benefits! This is great news for the 99.9% Veterans and Active Duty members who are currently using health care benefits. The Congressional Budget Office has made public a proposal stating that Veterans (you know the men and women who have fought in wars and spent 20 plus years in the service) are now going to be paying up to 50% of their medical bill. That's a big jump from paying nothing for the past 30 some odd years. The biggest kicker is Active Duty Military (yep, I said Active Duty) will now be paying 10% of their total bill. They will now be billed for their kids visiting the doctor. Again, a big jump from being free!

Another benefit subject to change is V.A. medical benefits. Everyone who is receiving a benefit from the V.A. for a service related injury will have to
be re-assessed and the proposal states this will affect "90% of vets receiving V.A. benefits and will save the government $53 Billion dollars over 10 years." Needless to say, today is the first time I have heard from the few Obama supporters in my office say "if this gets passed they will not continue to be a supporter". Isn't this the candidate that just a few months ago was preaching to get healthcare coverage to ALL! Isn't it ironic and moronic to steal $53 Billion from vets and active duty military families so the Crack Head down the street will receive free medical coverage. GREAT NEWS!! If you're as upset as I am then write your elected officials so hopefully some of the dummies running this country see the light and would never ever dream of taking away a penny from a military member!
A travesty, to be sure, but is anyone really surprised by this? I mean, what does one expect by electing a guy that refuses to place his hand over his heart at the playing of the National Anthem?
What does one expect when one elects to the highest office of the land one who cavorts with known terrorists, radical socialists, and preachers whose byline is "G*D D*MN AMERICA!"

Is anyone really surprised that one of the first things he plans, other than the Spendapalooza bill, when he comes to office is to crap on the men and women whose job it is to defend this nation from its enemies? The very nation whose underpinnings he despises?

Is anyone really that taken aback by actions that gut veteran's health care, when it was fully known that he advocated for gutting the military itself?

For instance, the military has made no bones about the fact that they will be in real need of more strategic F-22 fighters:

WASHINGTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force has concluded it needs more Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) F-22 Raptor fighter jets than have been ordered so far, but fewer than it previously sought, the service's top uniformed officer said on Tuesday.

Gen. Norton Schwartz, Air Force chief of staff, said he would not dispute a characterization that over the coming three years the service was seeking to add 60 of the premier fighter jets to the 183 now on order, for a total of 243.

Defense analyst Loren Thompson opines:

What does that high cost get us? An Air Force that can use all its other planes in wartime without fear of horrendous losses. An Army that can continue to operate, as it has over the last 50 years, without suffering any casualties from hostile aircraft. And a defense posture that can deter war without threatening the use of nuclear weapons.

Every potential aggressor in the world knows that if it faces the F-22 in aerial combat, it will lose, and that if the F-22 is sent to attack targets in its nation, the targets will be destroyed. The enemies of the United States cannot see the plane with their radars, and they cannot catch it with their fighters. They are defenseless against it, and will remain so for decades to come.

No other weapon in our arsenal provides that kind of defense and that kind of deterrence. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter will deliver similar stealthiness, but it lacks the agility and awareness of the F-22.
Can Obama be trusted to supply our fighting men and women with what they need to give them life-saving advantages over their adversaries?

After viewing that, you tell me.