Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Larry Haws--Aren't you a little old to be throwing tantrums?

In Larry Haws' latest email to his constituents: a supporter of the New Minnesota Miracle this session, I was disappointed that a framework for moving in that direction was not part of the final budget bill. This education funding reform would provide schools with stable, adequate and more equitable funding, with $600 million in net property tax relief. It would also have fully funded the state share of special education costs. Nevertheless, the legislation that we passed this year represented the best-case scenario for Minnesota’s schools and students in these challenging economic times.


Of course, as I’m sure you know, the session ended with the Governor signing all of the appropriations bills, but vetoing the revenue to pay for them—leaving a significant budget deficit, despite having been presented with a balanced budget by the Legislature. As a result, he has announced an unprecedented plan to engage in massive unallotment. I’m concerned these proposed unallotments will have serious and lasting ramifications for our schools.

Absolute. Hogwash.

Far from being the "Minnesota Miracle" that Mr. Haws touts, the proposed DFL budget actually would have cut K-12 funding by nearly $1 Billion, while, via smart prioritizing, each of Minnesota Governor Pawlenty's budgets presented this session INCREASED funding for K-12 schools.
Unfortunately, despite numerous offers throughout the session, the Governor refused to publicly meet with legislative leaders to reach a compromise
with the Legislature.
More. Hogwash.

The DFL refused to entertain Pawlenty's notions of not saddling hard working Minnesotans with even more taxes during one of the toughest economic times in decades. Pawlenty presented the Minnesota DFL with two balanced budgets, and the DFL dragged their knuckles and refused to work on solutions and instead spent their entire time in the legislative session (not to mention the meetings held during the summer months) engaged in exercises in mental masturbation and political posturing; chained to their certitude that, as per their usual behavior, they could milk the Minnesota taxpaying public into funding millions more dollars in special session costs and per diems.

You see, Larry Haws and his DFL cohorts thought it was going to be business as usual. Little did they know nor count on the fact that they were dealing with a governor who had enough of engaging in their petty adolescent games. Little did the teenagers with credit cards, a/k/a Minnesota DFLers know that their modus operandi of passive aggressive gamesmanship would no longer be tolerated by a governor who was not above being the parent.

And now, like youngsters who had to be spanked by their father, Larry Haws & his Minnesota DFL cohorts, caught literally with their pants down, are running around and whining and doing everything except taking responsibility that it was they, not the governor, who got themselves into this mess.