Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Twitter Conversation with Mariel Hemingway...


RT @TwilightEarth: From @nature_org: Is a slow economy good for the planet? U.S. carbon emissions fell 2.8% LY

  1. Leo PusateriLeo_Pusateri @Marielhemingway A slow economy is great for you, dear. You have a job. You have money. Let the "little people" eat cake.
  2. Mariel HemingwayMarielhemingway@Leo_Pusateri i promise you ..u don't know my situation AT attitude is never thinking about"little" people unless I am one of them. [still trying to figure out what that means--ed]
  3. Leo Pusateri@Marielhemingway My point was, looking at the present economic situation as + is shortsighted. Mother Earth will take care of herself.
  4. Leo Pusateri@Marielhemingway Trying vainly to "save a planet" that doesn't require "saving" is part & parcel of what got our economy in this mess...
To be continued?....

Don't get me wrong, I think that Mariel Hemingway is a great person.

But education needs to start somewhere.


Just got this message..

Mariel HemingwayMarielhemingway i agree with you the planet doesn't need saving..i absolutely agree..just didn't want u to think i was being righteous.

I knew Mariel was a great person :-)