Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Minnesota DFL has a collective hissy fit...

Uncontent until they can tax everything and everyone under the sun, the Minnesota Democrats (DFLers) in the Minnesota House and Senate are throwing a collective tantrum, because Governor Pawlenty doesn't want them to have their way on tax increases.

So, instead of setting priorities, instead of looking at substantially trimming their own budget before asking Minnesota taxpayers to trim theirs, the DFL-run Minnesota Legislature has passed a "Lights On" bill that would have the effect of forcing a government shutdown, in an attempt to force Governor Pawlenty to sign on to what amounts to onerous tax increases.

This "Lights on" bill would mean that government would essentially go on as is, without any reforms or downsizing, nor setting of spending priorities, until the government literally runs out of money. This, of course, is unsustainable.

This proves that the DFL cares nothing for Minnesota's taxpayers, and only cares about paying off their cronies in the unions and other teat suckers of the government's taxpayer-funded largesse.

There is still ample time for the Minnesota DFL to come to the bargaining table. Governor Pawlenty has presented no fewer than two balanced budget options. The Governor was even willing to compromise with DFLers on some budget targets. What he won't compromise on is to burden Minnesota taxpayers with even more taxes in what is a demonstrably shaky economy, that will become even more shaky as wealthier taxpayers register their disapproval with higher taxes by moving out of state.

But it is clear that the Minnesota DFL would opt for a scorched-earth policy than even fathom the thought of setting priorities and budgeting without tax increases. Governor Pawlenty showed them how to do it.

But like self-indulgent teenagers with taxpayer-funded credit cards, the Minnesota DFL, including Larry Haws, Larry Hosch, and Tarryl Clark will have none of it.