Friday, May 08, 2009

US : 1 - Polar Bears: 0 - Hippies -1

The Department of the Interior is standing by the Bush era policy that kept the government from using the polar bear population as an excuse to push Global Warming policies, Upsetting these folks

Pictured, Obama space hippies.

I've never gotten why these people want to save this animal.. Sure it looks cute and cuddly, I admit, when I see a kiddie polar bear I wanna hug it, but the difference is that I know this:

Turns into this:

Pictured: a stupid stupid hippie.

The Hippies have promised to sue: "Right after the drum circles, your ass is toast!" [citation needed]

I propose to fight the hippie threat, we follow Maddox's Plan to deal with these "people". Sponsor a Vegetarian
Simply state that for every animal they don't eat, you will eat three,

What does it mean to sponsor a vegetarian? It means that you have to find someone in your life who's a really big pain in everyone's ass every time you want to go out to eat, and then you commit yourself to eating THREE times the amount of meat you'd normally consume to make up for all the meat that your vegetarian buddy isn't eating. It's that simple! That way, you can reverse the guilt trip that they've been laying on us for years by not only neutralizing their cause, but making it actually worse by eating more animals than would have ever been eaten had they not chosen to become vegetarians!

Its pure genius, for more of Maddox, simply check out