Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Breaking News--the shape of things to come?

In what was thought to be an unrecoverable state for the GOP, Republicans have literally taken control of the New York State Senate!:
It was a carefully crafted coup -- five weeks in the making, with independent Tom Golisano in on the plotting.

And when it was over Republican Sen. Dean Skelos of Rockville Center was back in power as Senate Majority Leader. Dumped was former Democratic leader Malcolm Smith.
The democrats, powerless to stop the inevitable, took their ball and went home:
During the coup, Democrats fled the chamber, turned out the lights, and cut off the Internet feed of chamber proceedings, leaving Republicans and their two Democratic friends to take the vote in the dark.
And with that bit of information, I think I'll just check out the window to see if any pigs are flying.