Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Firing David Letterman: The WRONG Thing to Do.

Because of David Letterman's moronic, imbecilic jokes about Sarah Palin's 14-year old daughter, there are those who want to use the opportunity to get Letterman fired.

This is where I part ways with many of my conservative brethren.

Is what Letterman said about Palin's 14-year old daughter getting "knocked up" by Alex Rodrieguez an abominable statement in poor taste?


Does David Letterman deserve to be criticized for his gross indiscretion?

You bet.

Part of the consequences of speaking your mind in a free society is opening yourself up for criticism for what you say.

But when we, as conservatives, travel down the road of the gallows for what a leftist says, we are no better than those who take that same path as a means to silence their critics without bothering to take the time nor the energy to engage those critics on the basis of their ideas.

Especially when those on the left have nothing to offer to bolster their own arguments.

Criticize Letterman til the cow comes home. The fact that he made that joke about a teenager getting "knocked up" by an adult is enough ammunition to figuratively poke holes in Letterman til the hole between his teeth cannot be discerned from the rest of his sorry persona that resembles a putrid hunk of swiss cheese.

Awareness of Letterman's crass behavior will lose him viewers, causing his show to wither on the vine naturally, resulting in a slow, painful death, a death caused by the changing and awakening of people's hearts and minds. Our cause will be won in the marketplace of ideas, which will manifest itself in the free market system.

And that, my friends, is how to chalk one up for the conservative cause.

We do the conservative cause nor the advancement of our principles no favors when we adopt the thug tactics of the other side.

No hearts nor minds are changed.

All that is left is a pile of smoldering manure punctuated by a "Gotcha!"

The conservative cause is advanced in and is summarily successful in the arena of ideas.

For the sake of the cause and our priniciples, let's not lower the bar.