Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes, Mr. Obama--we are, in fact, a Judeo-Christian nation.

On a recent "sackcloth & ashes tour," Barack Hussein Obama (pbuh) declared that the United States is no longer a Judeo-Christian nation; in fact, he at one time stated incorrectly that the United States was now one of the largest Muslim nations on the planet (perhaps the 58th state he had in mind?).

Congressman Randy Forbes from Virginia schools 'the one' on a history class that "the messiah" may have been missing, or something that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright may have left out of his "God D*mn America!" sermons:

Perhaps His Eminence, Barack Hussein Obama (pbuh) would do well to remind himself that as a statesman, he speaks for the United States of America, not his own ego or wishful thinking.