Thursday, June 04, 2009

Such Classy Candidates...the dfl has....

With Governor Pawlenty's announcement that he will not seek a third term, a number of wannabes and also-rans have thrown their hat into the ring.

The Minnesota Progressive Project has a post with various quotes from a number of DFL gubernatorial hopefuls. Below are a few excerpts from each of the candidates mentioned:
Susan Gaertner:
"Finally, as we move forward it is imperative that we resolve to reject a Republican Party political philosophy that will surely try to maintain the Pawlenty agenda of insensitivity toward those most in need and a fiscal policy that has been disastrous to our state's future." [said she, in a snit--whatever that is--ed]
Margaret Kelliher:
"We were dealing with a governor who decided to throw in the towel and walk away from the type of Democracy we have," she said Friday afternoon." [Of course, she didn't mention that under Kelliher's leadership, things moved faster in a morgue--ed]
Steve Kelley:
"Tim Pawlenty's time in office has been devastating to Minnesota. His budget gimmicks have wreaked havoc on the financial stability of our state. In the past six years, school class sizes have exploded, vulnerable adults and children have been left to fend for themselves, working Minnesotans have lost their jobs, college kids have been forced to drop out due to skyrocketing tuition, and much, much more. We must have the courage to challenge the short sighted philosophy that is wrecking our state." [Cats sleeping with dogs! Plagues! Armafriggengedden!"--ed]
And we'd be remiss if we didn't include the third-person megalomaniacal rantings of John Marty:
"We enthusiastically welcome that news that Governor Pawlenty will not be seeking a third term. This is great news for the entire State of Minnesota. This may be an admission from Tim Pawlenty that he has done as much damage as possible, and is now stepping aside to allow a leader of vision and moral courage to occupy the Governor's Office. That leader is Senator John Marty." [And that's GOD, to you, plebian!"--ed]
That cadre of gubernatorial hopefuls can be made analogous to many of Minnesota's great educational institutions status during the summer months: NO CLASS.

But the field is not without its shining stars. Take this relatively classy comment by Paul Thissen:
I think the governor's announcement today is further evidence of what I've seen very clearly while traveling the state over the last year. The thirst for new leadership in Minnesota is real. But this race has never been about whether governor Pawlenty is running or not - it's about what's best for the future of Minnesota and I look forward to bringing that message to every corner of the state.
Not devoid of rancor, but a refreshing change, nonetheless.

But perhaps the most surprisingly classy comment from the bunch came from whom I thought to be an unlikely candidate to display decorum--Matt Entenza, himself:
"I served with Tim Pawlenty in the Minnesota state legislature for eight years and worked with him as governor for four years. While we had principled disagreements on policy, this is a day to recognize that he and his family have made substantial sacrifices for public service.

"My campaign for governor is about a new vision for Minnesota, one of making Minnesota work again by embracing the clean energy economy and providing the best education in the nation for our kids. Our state faces major challenges, including huge budget deficits and low job growth. It's time to focus on addressing these challenges and on moving our state forward.

"I look forward to finding out who the GOP candidates will be so we can have a vigorous debate about Minnesota's future."

Good on you, Mr. Entenza! the respectability and decorum award certainly goes to you, and here's hoping the level of "politics as usual" muck and mire in which we've been anchored in Minnesota will take a refreshing turn for the better!