Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hopenchange, baby!

Barack Hussein Obama, supposedly the first post-partisan, post-racial president, whose lofty rhetoric and god-like demeanor was supposed to for the first time, bring people together in a joyous orgy just dripping with gobs and heaps of hopenchange and butterfly farts.

That's the bill of goods we were sold last November when, in what was undoubtedly a collective drunken stupor, a majority of Americans voted for this bozo for the most powerful office in the world.

Well, Obamatons--how do you like the hopenchange now?(click on pic for full size)

The above screenshot was on BarackObama.com and was pulled off earlier today. It contains so much Orwellian socialist/communist gobbledygook that it would have made the copywriters at Pravda during the heyday of the Soviet Union green with envy. At any rate, they would be extremely proud of Komrade Obama's efforts.

You see, in Barack Obama's/Jeremiah Wright's/Bill Ayer's (insert your favorite Obama associate here) world, Democrats/liberals loudly protesting, breaking windows, tipping cars over, intimidating voters at polling places with paramilitary uniforms and clubs, and committing acts of arson are merely good citizens exercising their patriotic duty toward freedom of speech and dissent. But in the same world, there also exist deniers whose mere verbal protestations of The One's plan for heaven on earth amounts to acts of domestic terrorism.

For in Barack Obama's world, as in the world of many leftists, it's the thought that counts, not the action. In Barack Obama's world, freedom of verbal dissenting speech is far more threatening than an angry mob lobbing Molitov cocktails. In Barack Obama's world, freedom of dissenting speech is even more of a threat than Islamofascists flying airliners into crowded buildings, or even of perpetrating a bloody massacre of women and children. For in the twisted liberal mind, true acts of terrorism do not exist on a physical plane, but rather on a mental plane.

So threatening is the freedom of political speech to Barack Hussein Obama, that it must be squelched utilizing any means at their disposal, including marginalizing and demonizing those that practice it, as well as gaining the ability to shut down any means of spreading their verbal terrorism.

First Amendment be damned. They have an agenda to push.

Little did Obama's voters know that 'The One's" promise of hope and change would more resemble a gulag in Siberia than any form of earthly utopia.