Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tarryl Clark and Central Minnesota Values...

Hmmm... I just wonder from whom Tarryl Clark will be getting her support and money...

Geeze..Maybe her tweets will give us a clue....
  • Thanks to the Laborers Union for your support and endorsement. It's going to be a fun campaign! Have you joined? www.tarrylclark.com
  • The new AFL CIO booth is fabulous and full of fun people! Thanks for all your encouragement!
  • The new AFL CIO booth is fabulous and full of fun people! Thanks for all your encouragement!
  • Spoke at the Famers union booth....I'm ready to work with Cong Peterson in Washington!
  • Glad to have more friends joining the campaign - thanks to Teamsters Joint 32 and Teamsters Local 120 for your endorsements!
  • Got to see my AFSCME, working America and teacher friends. AFSCME's early endorsement has gotten us off to a great start!
  • Thanks to my friends in AFSCME Council 65 for your endorsement! We're off to a great start. Hope you will join too at www.tarrylclark.com
  • Proud to have the endorsement of my friends in AFSCME Council 5
So, Tarryl Clark is going to be financed by big unions. Feature that..

Since her first run for State Senate from what now seems like a lifetime ago, Clark has always portrayed herself as a centrist. According to Clark, she will...
...put our community's interests first...fighting for working families, seniors, children, small business owners, and veterans.
Yep. No doubt with all those big union endorsements, Tarryl Clark will really have the interests of small business at heart. That is, in much the same manner as a jackass has the best interests at heart for the blades of grass it devours.

As far as putting the community's interests first,
Made my first post of the Congressional campaign at DailyKos: http://bit.ly/2dhERM Read, join the conversation, become part of the campaign!
Yeah. Now there's some Central Minnesota values for you.