Thursday, September 10, 2009

Regarding Pots & Kettles...

They're telling Congressman Joe Wilson to apologize on the House Floor for yelling, "Liar," (or face censure) when, in effect, Obama told a lie.

Given all the smarmy, self-righteous chest beating by the usual suspects on the left, somehow, I've yet to hear an apology on the House floor for Jack Murtha calling brave Marines in Haditha who were following ROE cold blooded killers.

I may have missed something, but I haven't heard a peep out of Harry Reid for loudly proclaiming that the Iraq war was lost in a preemptive attempt to sabotage the well-being of our troops in hopes that the Petraeus-led surge would fail.

I may have been out to lunch, but I must have missed the time on the House Floor when Nancy Pelosi issued her apology for labeling the CIA liars, or when she publicly labelled George Bush a total failure.

I may have missed the boat, but I still can't remember when John Kerry apologized on the Senate Floor for saying all our soldiers did was to terrorize women and children in the dead of night.

Perhaps I also missed the apology from Algore in his now infamous "HE PLAYED ON OUR FEARS!!!" rant.

I most certainly must have missed the apology issued by then-Senator Hillary Clinton after she as much as called General Petraeus a bald-faced liar, right to his face, during the Senate hearings that supposedly were conducted to assess the success of the surge.

But I don't think I've been living under a rock. I don't think I've been sleeping at all. Because an elitist democrat, no matter how despicable his or her words or actions, NEVER apologizes.

But this-- no, this was the unforgivable sacrilege of Joe Wilson, a Republican slandering not only a democrat, but "The One" himself, by actually-gasp-telling the truth!

Having no leg to stand on to challenge the simple two-word assertion by Wilson (You lied!), just like they had no substantive argument against Joe the Plumber, or against Sarah Palin, the leftwing fever swamp, including their toadies in the media, have now swarmed like a bunch of brain-dead zombies in an all out concerted effort to attack the character of Joe Wilson. Even by going so far as to say--now get this--that he's a--double gasp-- caffiene addict (hey--desperate times call for desperate measures)!

Projection, the tendency to project one's own failings and character flaws onto others, has always been a hallmark of the left.

Their latest senseless tirade against Congressman Joe Wilson is nothing less than symptomatic of their own pathologies.