Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On Polishing a Turd...

PBO tonight gave a speech dripping with lies, half-truth, gratuitous heart string tugging, condescension, and oh--did I mention LIES?

After projecting the use of fearmongering tactics toward the opposition while immediately utilizing gratuitously inane examples of people supposedly dying without Obamacare, The One went on to state that people unnecessarily utilizing the emergency room was a major factor in increased health care costs. Consequently, his plan would impose a hefty fine on those who chose not to purchase health care insurance, comparing it to the requirement for drivers to purchase car insurance [WORD TO PBO: Driving is an elective act; living is not].<--unless, of course, you happen to be Ezekiel Emanuel --ED]

Getting back to the subject, in the same speech, PBO also stated that his plan would not extend health care for illegal immigrants who, given their status, utilize emergency rooms on a disproportionate basis.

So Okay, Barack--then how do you reconcile the following:

HR 3200 sec 59b pg 170 line 1 nonresident alien exempt from individual taxes (YOU will pay for their healthcare) #912 (via @TheRedDianthus)

Riddle me this, Barry: If you don't extend your highly vaulted public option to illegal immigrants, yet refuse to charge them (like you will the rest of us) for failing to obtain health insurance, how do you figure to stem the tide of illegals flooding our emergency rooms?

In terms of dripping condescension, Obama gave the song and dance about being willing to listen and to discuss opposing viewpoints, yet in nearly the same breath and on more than one occasion, accused those with opposing viewpoints with "..spreading fairy tales."

And isn't it a little difficult to entertain opposing viewpoints when you haven't listened to any since last April?

Obama also utilized the Alinsky tactic of "speaking the language" of your audience while twisting its meaning, as he spoke of the virtues of rugged individualism, while at the same time selling a plan in which individual choices are all but effectively snuffed.

So, in other words, we were just dealt the same old turds we've always been dealt, painted with flowery pastels and verbal lipstick.

Yes, Barack Hussein Obama just spent the better part of an hour tonight attempting to polish a turd.

But polish as he might, anyone with half a brain could still smell the stench from a mile away.