Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Larry Hosch Introduces "Throw Momma From The Train" Bill

Minnesota state representative Larry Hosch (D, 14A) has introduced what has been roundly criticized as being a horrible bill. In an email correspondence, MN District 14a Representative Steve Gottwalt states:
This bill whacks long term care providers with fee increases and cuts. It does not do it as part of a responsible, global budget solution, but to make some point about the impacts of such tactics. In committee today, Kari Thurlow, VP of Advocacy for Aging Services of MN, called the bill "One of the most onerous bills we have ever seen as it impacts older adult care services." Even to prove a point, this reflects the kind of failed leadership we continue to see from Hosch and the Democrats. Where is their responsible, global solution to the budget deficit??
But don't just take Steve's word for it. Yes, even Aging Services of Minnesota, a senior advocacy group, joined by AARP of Minnesota, writes
Last week, Aging Services staged a 48-hour campaign against HF3442 (Hosch), a bill that proposed, among other things, cuts in funding to older adult services and huge fee increases on providers and caregivers.

We challenged our members to send at least 2,000 e-mail messages to legislators expressing our overall disapproval of the bill. Not only did members meet the challenge, but you exceeded our goal. We estimate over 4,000 e-mail messages were sent to committee members and local legislators over a 48-hour period.

This campaign was instrumental to our success in removing one the most onerous provisions for housing providers from the bill during last Thursday's hearing in the House Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight Committee.


Aging Services was opposed to this provision because it would erect a barrier to consumer choice. AARP Minnesota and Senior and Workers for Quality also joined in our opposition to this proposal. While the provision should be considered "dead" in the House, it would not be surprising to see this proposal emerge in a Senate bill later this session.
Representative Larry Hosch better watch out, or he just may receive a visit from his other brother Larry, who, with his advancing years, just may not take too kindly to being dissed by his younger brother, and just might make sure you "blowed up real good."