Monday, March 22, 2010

About Last Night...

:::Channeling Karl Marx::::::

cue the music )

I noticed a lot of hootin' and hollering on Twitter last night regarding the House's non passage-passage of the Senate health care bill.

For example, one liberal, when challenged by myself about his proclamation that Obama promoted 'change', tweeted:

@Leo_Pusateri The change that 31million will have insurance, no pre-existing conditions. Im celebrating right now catch me some other time.

Yeah. And Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

First of all, we pay the increased taxes now. The first of the bill, as I understand it, does not go into effect until 2012, and not in full force til 2014. The Bush tax rates expire this coming year. Seniors will now pay increased capital gains tax on their retirement income. The top marginal tax rate will now skyrocket to 44%. Taxes on investment income are also set to increase substantially to offset the costs of President Obama's monument to his ego.

Of course, when something is taxed, there becomes less of it. Less investment, less money flowing into the economy, less risk capital, less jobs.

Yeah. Something to celebrate, there. if thwarting the will of nearly 70 percent of the American people is anything to celebrate.

On the "bright" side, since the democrats claim that 30 million people will now be insured-this potentially means 30 million more democrat voters--people who, as have people who have bought in to the democrat line since the Great Society, been sold a bill of goods based on empty promises that cannot be fulfilled, or for that matter have had no intention of being fulfilled from the get-go. (just wait til they recruit another 20+million new voters when they ram amnesty for illegals down our throats).

This bill has absolutely NOTHING to do with healthcare, and everything to do with the reaching of government tentacles and encroachment into every aspect of our lives.

Do you really think that a set of laws that has 16,000 new IRS agents as its main enforcers really have anything to do with health care?

Are you really that gullible, liberals? Or are you knowingly nodding and cheering with a smug smirk on your visage on the sidelines, watching as your beloved government takes a totalitarian bent and gets even with 'da man?

Thing is, as a fly sitting on the spider web, watching with glee as an enemy gets devoured, you do so in the faux comfort of ignorant bliss, not realizing that you, too, are listed on the spider's menu.

Liberals' blind trust of the government is very much akin to the blind, naive trust that a child places in Santa Claus, not knowing where the gifts come from, just kinda believing they'll magically be there.

In summary, Karl Marx would be very proud of today's collection of 'useful idiots.'