Saturday, March 13, 2010

Steve Gottwalt to Run for Third Term

Minnesota Senate District 15A will continue to be in good hands.

From a press release:
For immediate release: March 13, 2010

(St. Cloud, MN) -- Minnesota State Representative Steve Gottwalt announced today he will seek a third term representing the people of House District 15A, including the communities of St. Cloud, Waite Park, St. Augusta and Rockville. Gottwalt said he will seek the Republican endorsement later this month.

"These challenging times call for common sense, conservative leadership in state government, and I believe I can continue making a positive difference for the people of my district and the great state of Minnesota," said Gottwalt. "Growth in state spending has far exceeded inflation or economic growth. We need to set good priorities, seek greater reforms, and live within our means instead of raising taxes on the backs of struggling Minnesotans. We need more jobs, not more government."

Gottwalt said his primary focus in a third term would be on sustainable jobs creation, working to improve Minnesota's business climate so businesses can grow the jobs necessary to get the state's economy back on track, and improve the state's revenue picture. He said, "We need to rein-in state spending and boost our economy if we hope to get out of the structural budget deficits we face."

"Our business tax and regulatory environment is ranked among the ten worst in the nation," said Gottwalt. "For too long we have been killing the 'goose' that lays Minnesota's 'golden eggs.'" Gottwalt proposes reducing taxes and regulatory burdens primarily hurting Minnesota's small and medium size businesses that create the vast majority of new jobs. Gottwalt currently serves on the House Bioscience and Workforce Development Policy and Oversight Committee.

Gottwalt said he will also continue providing common sense leadership toward sustainable health care reforms. Recognized as a leader in health care reform at the State Legislature, Gottwalt serves on both Health and Human Services committees in the House, and is one of only two House GOP members serving on the Legislative Commission on Health Care Access. Gottwalt also serves on the Minnesota Rural Health Advisory Committee, carefully considering the unique health care challenges facing greater Minnesota.

Gottwalt founded and chairs the Real Reform Working Group that has produced some of the most innovative health care reform solutions considered in recent years (HF1865 and HF3036). "We must move Minnesota toward common sense, market-based solutions that engage consumers and health care providers in achieving affordable, high quality, accessible health care," said Gottwalt. Noting that the cost of state health care programs is rising at an unsustainable rate, he added, "Bigger government is not the answer."

Gottwalt said he looks forward to an energetic campaign focused on the issues, and will soon launch another in his ongoing series of Town Hall meetings around District 15A to gather residents' ideas and concerns.