Sunday, March 07, 2010

The "Minnesota Miracle" of 2010?

Just four days after a failed DFL override attempt of Governor Pawlenty's Minnesota GAMC (General Assistance Medical Care) veto, a compromise has been reached. According to a communication received from Minnesota 15A representative Steve Gottwalt,
Last Monday, the majority inisted the only thing to do was to override the governor's veto of a bill to extend GAMC another year or so by taking money from hospitals and county programs for children and vulnerable adults -- and still leaving $170 million unaccounted for!

Those on our side of the aisle insisted it was time to stop enactin unfunded, temporary bandaids, and establish a permanent solution with good ideas from all sides -- making a promise we can keep to the sickest and poorest. We upheld the governor's veto, and within an hour, both sides were back at the negotiating table in the Governor's Office, working on a long-term solution that would also provide better care for the poorest and sickest.

Within four days (by Friday) all sides had negotiated a long-term solution that not only delivers much better care to these people, but also saves enough (more than $700 million per biennium) to put these services on sustainable footing without raising taxes. We will now enact that reformed and responsible solution -- a "win, win, win" for Minnesotans.
The above compromise may not have seemed so 'miraculous' in the not-so-distant past, but certainly seems miraculous now given the general democrat mindset of "We'll shove this down your throat whether you like it or not!"

But unlike their zombified party compatriots in the U.S. Congress, who appear hellbent on doing a full-speed-ahead "Thelma & Louise" to pass unpopular and unworkable statist legislation, damn the torpedoes, the Minnesota DFL appears to have been able to (at least temporarily) sober up from their drunken power orgy.

If the DFL should actually continue this trend toward sanity, the real miracle may be that the Minnesota DFL comes out relatively unscathed after what is sure to be a rash of democrat bloodletting at the federal level come this November.