Sunday, March 22, 2009

...And you gotta really appreciate from whence this comes...

Even Hugo Chavez, a fellow traveller, recognizes we've elected an empty suit:

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela called President Obama “ignorant” on Sunday, saying he has a lot to learn about Latin America.

Mr. Chávez said he had been ready to name a new ambassador in Washington, but put it on hold after the new American president accused him of “exporting terrorism” and being an obstacle to progress in the region.

“At least one could say, ‘poor ignorant person,’ ” Mr. Chávez said on his weekly television and radio program, adding that Mr. Obama “should read a little bit so that he learns about the reality.”

Mr. Chávez said: “If Obama respects us, we’ll respect him. If Obama tries to keep disrespecting Venezuela, we will confront the North American empire.”
Hmm... where did I hear that one before?

Oh yeaaaahhh

Khamenei said there has been no change even in Obama's language compared to that of his predecessor.

"He (Obama) insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day. If you are right that change has come, where is that change? What is the sign of that change? Make it clear for us what has changed."

Still, Khamenei left the door open to better ties with America, saying "should you change, our behavior will change too."
Wait a minute... I thought once you fruitcakes elected Obama, the sea levels would lower, the air would waft of unicorn farts, and all the world leaders would embrace the Obammessiah, just as you did; and we'd all hold hands all over the world in a big group hug, while we sang a rousing round of "Kumbaya."

Instead (as conservatives expected all along) we have third world tinhorn dictators, who wouldn't know what human rights were if they came and bit them on the ass; dictating to us how we should act.

Isn't. That. Special.

Well, Obama has laid waste to the economy, and has had epic policy and other blunders on the foreign stage in Great Britain, Iran, and now Venezuela.

His work being done here, where can he look next?

Hey, the Taliban sure look like they can use some hopenchange!