Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Road to Hell: Paved With Propaganda

As I sat in the comfort of my easy chair last night, with my laptop, typing away with every light in the house lit to celebrate "earth hour," it gave me comfort to know that other people were celebrating "earth hour" in similar fashion.

People like Algore:
Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" may have inspired many to participate in yesterday's "Earth Hour" by switching off their lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., but maybe the former vice president didn't get the memo.

Drew Johnson, the president of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, decided to drive by Gore's mansion in Nashville at 8:48 p.m. and records that floodlights were on illuminating the driveway
leading up to the main quarter.

"I pulled up to Al's house, located in the posh Belle Meade section of Nashville, at 8:48 p.m. – right in the middle of Earth Hour," he wrote on his blog. "I found that the main spotlights that usually illuminate his 9,000 square foot mansion were dark, but several of the lights inside the house were on."

He added: "The kicker, though, were the dozen or so floodlights grandly highlighting several trees and illuminating the driveway entrance of Gore’s mansion. I [kid] you not, my friends, the savior of the environment couldn’t be bothered to turn off the gaudy lights that show off his goofy trees."
Well, of course Algore left the floodlights to his driveway on--how else could passers-by otherwise realize that he had turned some of the lights to his stately mansion off? I mean, it is, after all, about appearances, isn't it?

And the hypocrite enviro-whacko socialists, who want to utilize the false doctrine of "climate change" to push forward their unholy agenda of bringing America to its knees in their ushering in a new stone age, still tried to utilize yesterday as a raison de etre to push for economy-stifling U.N. resolutions (emphases added):
WWF called the event, which began in Australia in 2007 and grew last year to 400 cities worldwide, "the world's first-ever global vote about the future of our planet."

The United Nations' top climate official, Yvo de Boer, called the event a clear sign that the world wants negotiators seeking a climate change agreement to set an ambitious course to fight global warming.

The event was initiated with hopes of impacting talks in Bonn this week to craft a deal to control emissions of the heat-trapping gases supposedly responsible for "global warming." The talks are due to culminate in Copenhagen this December.

"Earth Hour was probably the largest public demonstration on climate change ever," de Boer told delegates from 175 nations. "Its aim was to tell every government representative to seal a deal in Copenhagen. The world's concerned citizens have given the negotiations an additional and very clear mandate."
Again, What global warming? Will someone, somewhere go up to Yvo de Bozo and the rest of his fellow travellers, give them a good, swift slap upside the head, and tell them to knock it off with their friggin charade, already!?!

And now I see this:
In response to a question about cap and trade a couple of days ago, Obama said this:

"I actually think the science around climate change is real. It is potentially devastating. ... If you look at the flooding that's going on right now in North Dakota, and you say to yourself, 'If you see an increase of 2 degrees, what does that do, in terms of the situation there,' that indicates the degree to which we have to take this seriously."

Has Barack Hussein Obama stepped foot inside Fargo this past Winter? Has Barack Hussein Obama even bothered to look at the friggen weather channel to check on what the weather was when he made that ridiculous, assinine statement?!? I guess the clueless quiz-boy from Chicago never got the memo that Fargo, along with the rest of the great plains and the upper midwest, had one of the coldest friggen winters on record! We haven't warmed one degree globally since nineteen-friggen-ninety-eight!

The desperation of the socialist environmental movement to re-make our nation and by extension the globe into one, big third-world ghetto, devoid of identity, devoid of prosperity, and devoid of individual liberties by way of this sham is nothing less than pure evil. The example of Algore above is proof positive that the perpetrators of this shameless sham have absolutely no intention of living the draconian lifestyle they wish to foist on the rest of humanity.

For the sake of ourselves and our progeny, this sham has to stop, and it has to stop now.

We need to flood Washington, D.C. with protesters that make the Iraq war protests look like a bridge club meeting. We need to make our voices loud and clear. Make no mistake--we have to let these bozos know in no uncertain terms that we're not going to sit by idly while these clowns attempt to turn this entire nation into a third world medieval collective of thatched huts, in the name of something that doesn't exist.

In the name of all that is good, in the name of our future as a nation, we must not, to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, go quietly into that long, good night!

Make no mistake. President Barack Hussein Obama, along with his socialist fellow travellers in congress and globally, has declared war against the prosperity of this nation, and by virtue of these sham policies intends to reduce our economy, and with it our fortunes, and our futures and our lives into an unrecognizable mass of rubble.

We must take our nation back! We must defeat them in the arena of ideas. We must melt their switchboards. We must defeat them at the ballot box.

As Benjamin Franklin so famously quoted,
"We must all hang together; or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."