Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well... Cheops had his pyramid..

And since liberal democrats envision themselves as royalty, the following comes as no surprise:

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal found this outrage:

"More than one out of every five dollars of the $126 million Massachusetts is receiving in earmarks from a $410 billion federal spending package is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys," the Associated Press reports from Boston:

The bill includes $5.8 million for the planning and design of a building to house a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate. The funding may also help support an endowment for the institute.

The bill also includes $22 million to expand facilities at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum and $5 million more for a new gateway to the Boston Harbor Islands on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a park system in downtown Boston named after Kennedy's mother and built on land opened up by the Big Dig highway project.

Taranto added: "We suppose if you can't make history, you might as well buy it with other people's money."

All hail Caesar.

Even if he is a fat, bloated, drunken buffoon who lets his girlfriend die while he swims away.