Thursday, April 01, 2010

Phil Hare: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Constitution.

The democrats' collective and singular arrogance knows no bounds:

Yes, dear readers...that arrogant son of a bitch is none other than Congressman Phil Hare (D-IL-17); a man who took an oath of office to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies. foreign and domestic."

Seems that Phil Hare didn't figure himself in the equation when taking that oath.

Mr. Hare, who is surely ignoring his oath as he ignores the Constitution, should be tried for treason.

h/t Big Government.


A correspondent of mine whom I trust, and who used to work with Phil Hare, notes:
Leo, I just watched the video on your blog. I am so disgusted by Congressman Phil Hare! While in college, (please don't hold this against me) I worked for Congressman Lane Evans, who was in office for over 20 years. Phil Hare was his 'right hand' and I kid you not, he was a terrible person! He WAS the primary reason I changed my major from Political Science to Business Administration. Phil Hare had NO idea what he was doing then, and he had an affair with one of the young INTERNS! She was only 18 years old! Anyway, please keep that video...


Yes, same man who had me and two other 17-18 year olds choosing who got nominated to West Point Military Academy. I ASSURE you he didn't read the #HCR bill, and YES he is a liar.. It was in 1983, and he was 34 at the time. She was named **** and a student at Grinnell College (in IA). Phil's wife was Beckie Hare. I was working late one night and walked in on them in his office. After that he treated me terribly... I am sure he was so worried that I would tell his 'dirty secret!'

That was Lane's first year in office. Lane is very ill and has had Parkinson's for many years; now in a wheelchair. It is why he left office, and the only reason Phil was elected was due to Lane's support and fact that he was with him for so many years. Made me sick.

People like him do not belong in any elected office.