Sunday, September 25, 2005

Eleven Reasons ... I should be invited to Race to the Right...

I listened to Race to the Right on this station today, where they were talking about candidates for the 6th Congressional District. Included in the show were such luminaries as AAA, Mitch and King. So I gave them a call when they were talking about Jay Esmay (a person I know very well). I was at a disadvantage during the call, since when they put me on the air, I was unable (due to some technical glitch or whatever) to hear what they were saying, so I punted (albeit not very admirably). Anyway, later in the show, when they talked about Jim Knoblach (a man with whom I'm also very familiar) I tried calling in again. Their excuse (okay, reason) for not letting me on was that it was policy to not let the same caller on twice within a show. Fair enough, but given they maybe had all of two or three callers the whole show (myself and one of the candidates included); I figured they could've let it slide. But given that was the rule, I wondered, why was I not invited on the show? It would have bypassed the "one-caller-once-a-show" rule, and would have provided some insight into two of the candidates who I know intimately, and everyone else on the show (admittedly) knew very little about. So, with deference to Sysiphus, and, as part of my crusade to rectify the situation, I offer my Top 11 reasons why I should be invited on Race to the Right:

11. King and Mitch already have their own shows.
10. I have a face for radio.
9. I live in St. Cloud
8. I know the the program director (I bring him Chicago Italian Beef & Sausage sandwiches--we're in like Flint).
7. I'm into politics (I'm a Republican delegate from the 6th Congressional District)
6. I can spell and pronounce "Banaian".
5. I'm part of the MOB (yeah, this one; and given that I'm Sicilian-Italian, you figure the rest-- but fuggetaboutit..)
4. I'm a better singer than King is.
3. I have more hair than Mitch.
2. AAA who???
1. I'm a large mammal, for cripes sake! (and I've been gaining weight).