Monday, November 13, 2006

The earworm wars.......the stakes have been raised...

I must admit :::::GASP! COUGH WHEEZE... ARRGH!:::: that Foot has me going with his latest offering, Carl Carlton's "Kung Fu Fighting." That song is still :::KUNG FU FIGHTING::: ringing in my ears to this minute as I type this screed, and is ::::KUNG FU FIGHTING--ARRGH!@!:::: working on my cerebral cortext like a crazed boll weevil.

As Foot put it,
Keeping in mind that the effectiveness of a true earworm has less to do with how bad the song is than how annoying and persistent it is (think lobotomy) I offer this classic to torment you for the rest of the month"
This atrocity ::::KUNG FU FIGHTING::::cannot go unchallenged.

I must :::KUNG FU FIGHTING::::ARRGHH!@ DAMMIT!:::::::: counter with something even more evil.

Once again, ::::KUNG FU FIGHTING:::: gasp... wheeeze.... there is more where that came from.


The gauntlet has once again been thrown in my direction, with this.

While listening to anything by Barbra Streisand can result in near instant attacks of nausea, and can most assuredly resslut ina lowerin' of IQ poinntts, not too menshun brane damij, to say that such a selection is earworm material is laughable.

This has gone on far enough...

I must therefore retaliate with something so dastardly that the possibility of further retaliation is quashed. It is with this sad intention in mind that I am forced to resort to the "A-Bomb"

That is, the GASP--ABBA BOMB!

Take that. You're P3wned.

And there's more where that came from...