Friday, November 03, 2006

Hatch, or un-Hatched?

Like Jean Francois Kerrie did with his comments earlier this week, Mike Hatch continues to give us glimpses of his megalomaniacal, unstable personality; and proves more and more that he is unfit to take the responsiblity of the governorship of the State of Minnesota:

Mike Hatch had two angry exchanges Thursday with newspaper and television reporters covering his gubernatorial campaign, but today he denied a published report that he had labeled one of the reporters a "Republican whore."

In an interview on Minnesota Public Radio this morning and in comments later to reporters, Hatch acknowledged what both political supporters and opponents have long said: That he sometimes loses his temper.

"I showed a temper, and I've got one…And I've got a right to express it," Hatch said in the radio interview. (emphases added)

This is yet another area where Mike Hatch not only falls short of being rational, but is downright sociopathic. Much to his amazement, I'm sure, Mike Hatch has NO RIGHT to express his temper in a manner that intimidates and bullies others. The fact that the State's top law enforcement official, not to mention a candidate for the highest office in the State of Minnesota, feels entitled to do just that is more than emblematic of his unbridled arrogance.

Like Jean Francios Kerrie, Mike Hatch has an arrogant "Royal We" entitlement mentality. Beneath his smiling exterior is an arrogant, Machiavellian, ruthless, "me first, dammit!" attitude, that should show any thinking person that rather than seeking to serve others, Hatch is in it only for himself.

This implosion, along with many others in Hatch's not-so-stellar political career, should only cement the notion that he is not now, nor will he ever be ready for prime time.
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