Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All enemies, foreign and domestic...

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The Gathering of Eagles appears to have been a success, and a huge show of strength toward those who would wish us ill.

It is my hope that such shows of strength will continue, especially given the presence of these lowlife scumbags:

These bastards are a waste of atmosphere. They do not deserve the freedom that our soldiers have given them.

God I wish I was there.


There's already been a waste of air that has seen it fit to shit on the comment section of this post.

Funny how this waste of skin hasn't left a link to his email nor his blogger account. Much like the waste-oids in the photos who didn't even have the balls to show their faces.


I wonder who else uses these tactics...

****UPDATE 2*****

And a little more "food for thought" as to the types of lowlifes that the enemies of this nation are:



Not to mention, their raising a whole new generation of memorial defacers:

yeah... I know. Don't question their patriotism.