Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just a few SD-15 notes...

I attended the MN State Senate District 15 convention in St. Cloud this morning. Nothing really earth shattering, just a lot of housekeeping details for the most part.

Our highest-level elected official, Steve Gottwalt, was unable to attend. Specifically, this was because the democrats in St. Paul, who couldn't run a one-car funeral, have resorted to Saturday sessions in a vain attempt to get things done. Today they were to vote on the heinous Omnibus Transportation bill I wrote about yesterday. (You know, the one with the built-in gas-tax increases that go to infinity and beyond).

But I digress.

Michele Bachmann's representative showed up to give a speech to the delegates, in which he outlined Michele's dedication to keeping Bush's cuts in tax rates permanent, as well as her support for troops in Iraq.

I suggested that in light of yesterday's resounding vote for defeat in the House, it may be a prudent step for Michele or some other Republican to put forth a resolution calling for an unconditional support for victory in Iraq, and to see the dems squirm when they vote against it.

Bachmann's rep appeared lukewarm to the idea, at best, but said that he would pass it on.

During the break, I took the opportunity to show everyone there the graphic posted here, and made an impromptu speech that conservative values and principles were not only right, but when stood firm upon, will win elections! I went on to say that our party needs to get back to its principled, conservative roots, and not stand for anything less. All in attendance were wowed and inspired by that graphic--and I think that every Republican activist and candidate needs to see it!

On a final note, I was elected as an alternate to the State Central Committee delegate list, which meets twice a year and has quite a say as to who runs the MN GOP, as well as goals that we should be working on as a state party.