Friday, March 23, 2007

More on the certainty of death, taxes, and DFL stupidity...

This week's top ten stupid proposals:
1. Create a new income tax rate for the top 1% of Minnesota earners. Approved by the House Committee on Ways & Means last Friday, this would take 9% of all earnings from the 23,668 top earners.

* These people already pay an average of $59,272 each in Minnesota income taxes.
* This one percent of the people pay 24.3 % of all Minnesota income taxes.
* This one percent pays more income taxes than the bottom 70% of people.
* But Democrats want to take another $9,150 from each of these people.
* That would raise their average Minnesota income tax to $68,422 per year.
* This Democrat tax hike would grab an extra $433 million.

2. Put New Taxes On Major Employers: The House Committee on Ways & Means also approved a $244 million tax increase on Minnesota employers who have sales or operations in other states. Democrats call these employers "foreign operating corporations" or "FOCs."

* These Minnesota companies already pay state and local taxes to other states where they have sales or operations. But Minnesota wants a second bite on their profits.
* When California put a similar bite on their large employers, many just left the state. For example, Pacific Mutual Insurance moved its headquarters to Omaha. The whales in their television ads now swim in cornfields, and not the Pacific.

3. Collecting From Your Local Drug Pusher: The House Committee on Ways & Means also announced a plan to hire hundreds of new auditors to collect $80 million of uncollected taxes. Scofflaw peddlers at flea markets and tax-dodging drug pushers, beware!

4. Property Tax Increases On Small Businesses: Both the House and Senate Democrats have proposed about $200 million of property tax increases on employers.

5. More Than Doubling The Gas Tax: The Senate has proposed a gas-tax hike that would raise the current tax of 20-cents per gallon to as much as 48-cents-per-gallon. That would be on top of the 32-cent federal tax. So up to 80 cents per gallon would be collected by the government on every gallon.

6. "Property Tax Relief" That Is Just More Government Spending: The Senate has proposed $225 million of "property tax relief" that would primarily consist of taking a large portion of your tax payments and sending them to county commissions, city councils, and school boards for more government spending. The House "property tax relief" plan is expected to provide similar "government spending disguised at tax relief."

7. You are rich if you make over $36,000 per year. In her third sales tax bill in three weeks, Rep. Melissa Hortman (D-Brooklyn Park) has offered another big sales tax hike. In this version, sales taxes now would be collected on clothing. A tax credit would be offset this tax increase for some working Minnesotans, but that would begin to shrink for individuals who make $36,000 or couples who earn $48,000. (House File 2163)

8. Taxation Without Representation: Rep. David Dill (D-Crane Lake) wants airport authorities to send a bill to county commissioners instructing them to impose and deliver property taxes from all land-owners who have property in the area of district boundaries of the airport authority. (House File 2287)

9. You Want To Raise My Fee By $4,150 or 588 Percent ?!?: Rep. Bill Hilty (D- Finlayson) wants to raise the fees on mortgage firm's employees by 588 percent (up from $850 to $5,000) for new licenses and by 555 percent (up from $450 to $2,500) for license renewals. (House File 2305)

10. You Want To Raise Other People's Taxes By $222 Million To Pay For a New Camp Snoopy?: Rep. Michael Nelson (D-Brooklyn Park) wants to shift property taxes to regular citizens in order to give tax increment relief to the owners of the Mall of America who want to expand the facility without paying sales taxes on the materials for the expansion The state would provide $180 million to build new parking ramps, and Blooming taxpayers would provide $42 million for new streets, water, sewer, and other improvements. (House File 2237)
Hell, with the DFL to throw away your money, who needs kids?

They're not only killing the geese that lay the golden eggs--they're obliterating them.