Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now here's a surprise---NOT

From Fox:

WASHINGTON — Nearly half of U.S. diplomats unwilling to volunteer to work in Iraq say one reason for their refusal is they don't agree with Bush administration's policies in the country, according to a survey released Tuesday.

Security concerns and separation from family ranked as the top reasons for not wanting to serve in Iraq. But 48 percent cited "disagreement" with administration policy as a factor in their opposition, said the survey conducted by the American Foreign Service Association, the union that represents U.S. diplomats.

The U.S. Diplomatic corps is pretty much made of liberal weenies anyway, so the fact that this is even a story is beyond me. Secondly, their job isn't to make nor influence policy. Their job is to enact policy. Period.

If they don't want to perform a core function of their job, then they need to look elsewhere for employment.