Friday, January 04, 2008

Now isn't this rich...

Looks like our esteemed governor is playing footsie with the radical leftists, again (all emphases mine):
ELY -- More than 250 people packed a global climate change forum in Ely this afternoon, where Gov. Tim Pawlenty, polar explorer Will Steger, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and others stressed the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions before a catastrophic environmental "tipping point" is reached.
250 people packed? Since when have 250 people packed anything, other than perhaps a phone booth? But I digest.

The bigger question remains: What the hell is Pawlenty doing, promulgating the fearmongering by the decidedly socialist envirowhacko left?

And "Tipping point?"

The only "tipping point" I see on the horizon is the critical mass of the erstwhile Republican faithful who will now sit at home on their thumbs up to the third knuckle due to the knuckleheaded antics of their kowtowing party leader; "tipping" their glasses of Scotch down their gullets as they drown their sorrows while their leadership captains their once grand party down a brown-colored stream, sans locomotion.
The Republican governor and the Ely-based dog-sled adventurer joined forces last fall on the climate change issue, with Pawlenty declaring it to be "one of the most important issues of our time."
Osama bin Laden? A friggen puppy dog. Your neighborhood meth lab? Small potatoes, folks. Government encroachment on our liberties? Surely, you jest.

No folks, one of the "most important issues of our time," at least according to our esteemed, so-called "republican" governor just so happens to be the greatest non-issue of our time.

All so that our RINO-in-Chief can climb on his soap box, beat his chest, and proclaim that "he cares," in the hopes that the envirowhacko left will swoon over his every "enlightened" word.

To whom does he think he's pandering? Does he really think that the envirowhacko left is actually going to cast one vote for a Republican candidate? The same type of moonbat who didn't think twice about running Joe Lieberman out of their own party on a rail?

My dear readers, Governor Pawlenty has gone native. He's not only sipped the enviro-whacko kool-aid, he's become a connoisseur and bought the whole damned factory.

Word to our Governor:

Mr. Pawlenty, for all intents and purposes, you are the general of the party, and we, the grass-roots, are the foot soldiers. You know, the guys who give money, knock on doors and otherwise bust their asses trying to get their friends and neighbors to vote for you.

Give us a cause; give us something to believe in, and we'll run through cinder block walls to get you elected.

Call me a spoiled sport, Governor, but as a footsoldier, I'm not all that hopped-up about following a general whose command has the net effect of leading his troops headlong toward the political version of the Little Big Horn.

With all due respect, we're looking for a Patton, not a Custer.

If you're going to go quixotic on us, choosing to tilt at imaginary windmills instead of tackling the real issues of our day, do it on your own dime.

This footsoldier will stay home, thank you.