Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jimmy Carter's No Terrorist Left Behind Tour, 2008

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As he admitted in the now-infamous Playboy interview in the 1970s, Jimmy Carter "lusted in his heart" after women. What Carter failed to relate at the time was his special fetish for two-bit despotic murdering dictators and terrorists. Yes, America's biggest presidential embarrassment, Dhimmi Carter, is on a 3-fer tour, and is once again sucking up to despotic regimes:
If the Maoists do gain a substantial share of power, I hope the United States will recognize and do business with the government," Carter said at a news conference in Katmandu.

Carter described the election as one of the "most profoundly important" of the 70 he has witnessed because it marked the end of a decade of political violence and the probable transformation of Nepal from a Hindu kingdom to a democratic republic.
Maoists... running a democratic republic? (Okay, democrat party, perhaps)

WTF has Dhimmi been smoking???

Note that leading up to the Nepali election, over 13,000 people had been killed as a result of terrorist violence, mostly perpetrated by the Maoists. Now that the Maoists have won, the senile Dhimmi in Chief thinks that all will be wine and roses, and that the good Maoists in Nepal should be struck off the list of known terrorists.

And speaking of other blood-thirsty terrorists, Dhimmi Carter had nothing but hugs and kisses for his Hamas buddies, as well:
JERUSALEM (AP) — Former President Carter angered Israel's government Tuesday by embracing a Hamas politician during a visit to the West Bank, ignoring Israeli and U.S. designation of the Islamic militants as a terror group.
Hugs and kisses for folks who drug up their own and send them into crowded markets to blow up innocent bystanders.. now isn't that special, Dhimmi!

And being on the roll that he is, the senile bastard is calling for Kumbaya with Iran.
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, defending a contentious plan to meet Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, said yesterday that he hoped to become a conduit between the militant group, Washington and even Israel.

Carter also called on the Bush administration to embark on direct talks with the Iranian regime in order to r
esolve the issue of Tehran's nuclear program.

"I can't say that they will be amenable to any suggestions, but at least after I meet with them I can go back and relay what they say, as just a communicator, to the leaders of the United States," he said.
I believe that they've made their intentions quite clear, Dhimmi.

But of course, any enemy of the United States is a friend to our esteemed "Dhimmi-in-Chief," right, Jimmy?


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