Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain wimps out on Obama ad... NC GOP to follow suit? (Updated & Bumped)

An anti-Obama ad whose only crime was to tell the truth, was decried by John McCain, who asked the North Carolina Republican Party to pull the ad; apparently, because John McCain eschews controversy, even legitimate controversy that legitimately questions the judgment of a rival presidential contender.

Originally, North Carolina GOP officials said the ad will run regardless, but already a TV station has pulled the ad, and reportedly the NC GOP officials are beginning to get cold feet.

Time to contact the North Carolina GOP and give them some encouragement (

My letter (email) is as follows:
I am a GOP alternate delegate from the Great State of Minnesota, and I'm asking you to NOT PULL THE OBAMA AD!!!

Someone needs to develop some cajones to tell the truth about our democrat POTUS candidates, and the national party is too lilly-livered to do anything (except, of course, attack our own President).

Screw the "new tone." The American people need (and deserve) the unblemished truth.

Press on!

-Leo Pusateri-
St. Cloud, Minnesota

(H/T Pirate's Cove)

****UPDATE & Bump 4/25/08, 6:25pm****

McCain says that the North Carolina GOP is "out of touch" for running an ad, that tells the truth.

Apparently Senator McCain believes he doesn't need the North Carolina GOP to win.

But for a man who's literally made an entire political career out of thumbing his nose at conservative Republicans, could we really expect anything different?

I'm not at all feeling good about the advancement of conservatism via this upcoming election. Any which way you slice it, we're screwed, If only by a matter of degrees.