Thursday, April 17, 2008

Euphoric Reality Hacked

Was it an adherent of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance? Or was it a JAG cockroach who didn't like the light that was being shone on the case of the Pendleton 8? At any case, a hacker destroyed two years of Kit's posts at Euphoric Reality, in which she had spent countless hours defending brave Marines whose only crime was to follow ROE.
As most of you know, Euphoric Reality ( was hacked last night by someone claiming to be an Islamic hacker based in Jordan. They wiped out two years' of posts, scrubbed my site clean of any mention of the Pendleton 8, destroyed my user database tables, deleted or
altered most of my layout CSS/PHP/HTML files, left anti-military and anti-American BS everywhere, and just generally trashed the place. I spent a few hours last night in contact with my hosting provider, who was helpful but clueless. They passed me on to the abuse department, who has yet to get back to me. I put the layout back up and swept up some of the filth left on the site before finally going to bed.

This morning I awoke to find they had done it again, and this time they took another month of posts. They also added more of their propaganda to the front page of my site.

I am at a loss how to stop them, but am working to find a way. I do believe, based on the site logs and other circumstances at the time, that this was not actually some random Islamo-whacko with a script. The Pendleton 8 case is reaching a fever pitch, and last night I was scheduled to release some of the most shocking documents in the case yet, documents that show not only government incompetence, but outright, knowing and willful misconduct on the part of prosecutors and NCIS agents in the case--with the full knowledge and tacit approval of Congress. All of the factors combine to make a railroad job for seven Marines and a NavyCorpsman.

Some of you have expressed a desire to help by running the P8 story on your
blogs as a mirror. I do appreciate this, and will be sending the series in
zip form for you to post if you are so inclined.

The more people who talk about this and post about it and release the documents, the better off we are. It's harder to silence 10,000 than 3.

I will keep you posted.