Friday, April 30, 2010

At the MN GOP Convention

I arrived here in one piece this morning--traffic was surprisingly light... I'm sitting in the SD-15 area and all around me in the mosh pit I'm seeing Emmer signs (though Seifert signs are quite ubiquitous outside the hall). It's 8:57am now and the convention is scheduled to begin in three minutes.

I'll be posting updates throughout the day (sparingly-since this laptop has a somewhat limited battery)-


John Klein just spoke--I just received an Emmer smear sheet from the Seifert campaign, saying that the Emmer-Meeks ticket is all urban, and will not play well against MAK.

But then again, with Mark Dayton in the primary, MAK probably won't get the nod in the long term, anyway.

Michelle Bachmann is up next-


I was wrong-One thing you can absolutely count on with regard to conventions, they never, but NEVER move as quickly as you think they will.

btw--if my eyes are any indication (and the Seifert signs are much smaller than the Emmer signs, so take it with a grain of salt) but in my neck of the woods here in the mosh pit it looks like 55-45, Emmer favored.


Hennepin County Sheriff is speaking right now--laptop battery is getting low.

While I'll post any major updates on this blog, I'll be posting minor ones from my phone on my twitter account. follow it here.

11:18pm: Governor Pawlenty is on fire. Talked about hyphenated-conservatives (i.e., fiscal, social, TeaParty) and said that's all well & good--but the most important thing we as conservatives can all agree on and call ourselves is "Constitutional Conservative!" (Huge applause)

"Our problems can be explained and solved in this one sentence: "We can't spend what we don't have."

"People behave differently when they're spending at least some of their own money"

People behave differently when there's an open bar vs. when there's a cash bar"

11;45AM- sources say that a 'higher level of security was called for' - a special guest on the way??

11:53AM Phil Herwig is speaking. And the crowd goes wild. Not.

12:43pm- due to the unwieldly-ness (is that a word?) of constantly updating from the blog--I've switched all my updates to my Twitter account.