Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, the Star Tribune has Made My Decision...

As much as the neo-socialists could bring themselves to endorse a Republican candidate, the Star Tribune has as much as endorsed Marty Seifert for the GOP Governor's race:

Seifert has studiously built his reputation as a fiscal and social conservative bill by bill, year by year, since he was first elected to the House in 1996. He rose to House minority leader, disciplined his caucus to uphold Republican gubernatorial vetoes and parlayed his nearly unblemished record into what at first appeared an unstoppable bid for the party's gubernatorial endorsement.

Granted, in and of itself, this is not a ringing endorsement of Seifert. That is, until you compare this to their description of Tom Emmer:

Enter Tom Emmer, a fiery trial attorney from Delano who stormed into the House in 2004. A chest-thumping, constitutional conservative, Emmer has become a Tea Party favorite, whose impassioned, freedom-loving message has wrestled many of the state's biggest Republicans into his camp.

There it is. The Strib, in so many words, has made its choice, painting Seifert as a measured, even-keeled milquetoast candidate, and Emmer as just another knuckle-dragging, "chest-thumping, constitutional-conservative" neanderthal from a Tea Party convention.

Having held their nose in their pseudo-endorsment of Marty Seifert, the Star Tribune has made my decision tomorrow at the Minnesota GOP State convention very easy for me.

This delegate's gonna vote for Tom Emmer.


***Close-circuit to John LaPlante***

(the above-post was made in a tongue-in-cheek manner--I've been an Emmer guy all along) :o)