Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Barack Obama lowered my health care costs; and other fairy tales...

I have participated in my company's flex plan for quite some time now. It was a way for families to reduce the cost of their health care by making the money you spend on non-prescription, non-direct care medically-related items into pre-tax deductions, and reimbursed as you go along.

Well...wouldn't you know that His Royal Arrogance, Barack Hussein Obama (D-Mm-Mm-Mm), in all his beneficence and amidst all his promises to make health care more affordable, just made my healthcare more expensive (please click on the pic below for full size):

Not only that, but my wife happens to work for a subsidiary of Baxter medical. A number of years ago, employees were awarded 100 shares each of Baxter stock- a great company with stature and a promising future in the medical field.

Well, wouldn't you know, that with a stroke of a pen, is Royal Arrogance, Barack Hussein Obama (D-Mm-Mm-Mm-pbuh), took over $1300 out of our pockets with his signing of that miraculous "health care reform" bill:
Shares of Baxter International Inc. dropped 13 percent Thursday after the company lowered its 2010 financial outlook, citing the loss of market share for key plasma-derived therapies and the impact of the government's massive health care overhaul..
Yeah, quiz kid. You certainly did "do it."