Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On 'Celebrating' Earth Day...

MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) asked me for my input on how I plan to 'celebrate' Earth Day.

I responded with the following:


I never used to have anything personally against "Earth Day," until I started recognizing the environmental movement for what it is--less about the environment and more about political control and intrusiveness into everyone's lives. Doctored and outright falsified data that has come to light within this past year has virtually cemented what I suspected all along, that the concept of 'environmentalism' is but a vehicle through which to push through a radical political agenda (i.e., Cap & Trade, strict controls on oil & domestic energy resources, usurpation of private property rights), via any means necessary, including prevarication.

I have nothing against clean water and clean air.

But in actuality clean water and clean air have proven to be at best secondary concerns with respect to many of the leadership of the environmental movement.

Their deceitful brand of 'scientific methodology' and specious bromides should serve to give them no more credibility nor credence than one should give to a patent medicine huckster or carnival barker.
I guess I won't hold my breath waiting to see if they chose my response to publish.