Monday, October 03, 2005

Another moonbat ...ripe for the fisking

From here:
Democratic Senate candidate Patty Wetterling is calling on the Bush administration to withdraw U-S troops from Iraq by Thanksgiving of next year. Wetterling announced her move in an e-mail letter to her supporters and later at a meeting of Minnesota's D-F-L State Central Committee. Wetterling says she believes the country must spend as much as necessary to arm, support and protect the troops, but says she also feels it's time to bring them home. Wetterling is one of three Democratic Senate candidates seeking the seat being vacated by Democrat Mark Dayton, who is not running for re-election. U-S Representative Mark Kennedy is running without any major challenger in the Republican primary.
So Ms. Wetterling feels it's time to bring them back home. Do you now understand why it's important not to elect moonbats to positions of influence over foreign affairs and war?

Q: Why is it time that we need to bring our troops home?

A: I don't know.. just a feeling, I guess.

Well thank you, Captain Competent. You know, I just went to Detroit Lakes yesterday to see my son and his brothers-in-arms off to Mississippi, then to California, and then to Iraq.. I posted about it here. At the ceremony, Many gave inspiring speeches as to their noble purpose and mission, including Minnesota Lt. Governor Carol Molnau, who really drove it home for the troops and their families in an impassioned speech.

Collin Peterson, a democrat, was also there; but pretty much gave a stump speech, the main point of which appeared to be that he "hoped that the Red River didn't flood again" while they were away. He all but decried the deployment of the Unit, because of the possibility of the Guard Unit's resultant absense in the event of a natural disaster. He also noted that he was working on having the "regular army" bear the brunt of deployment vs. the National Guard. Although Collin did pledge community support (he is a resident of Detroit Lakes) and although he did half-heartedly praise the troops and wished them well on their mission, he said nothing in the way of inspiration to those who were there, or in acknowledgement of the worthiness of their mission. To me, it was along the typical democrat lines of "yes, things are bad, and I know you're suffering, and I'm trying to make it better."

Now usually, I can tolerate Congressman Peterson, who was our U.S. congressman here in St. Cloud prior to the last re-districting go-round. If we had to have a democrat in the seat, he's a lot more conservative than a lot of them. But just like many other democrats, his support for our troops and our mission appears lukewarm, at best; and in my estimation, it would have been better had he not shown up at all.

My larger point is, how could someone like Patty Wetterling (or Teddy Kennedy--insert your anti-war candidate here) have given a similar speech on a similar occasion to men who are soon to be going into harm's way? What words of comfort or inspiration could they offer on such an occasion? "Well--if I had my way you guys wouldn't be going in the first place. Just bide your time and I'll try to get you home."

Some inspiration.