Sunday, October 30, 2005

Right and Left... A study in contrasts...

In light of the 2000+ of our best and bravest who lost their lives in Iraq, the following is a lesson in honoring their sacrifices.

First, I direct you to this post by my good friend, Jeff (click the link--well worth the whole read):

The end they seek is an end to the war in Iraq, but it is wrong to count the remaining days of the war by the number of the dead, as painful as each casualty is. We all desire peace in Iraq, we all want our troops to return home to their families, but the job they are doing there is necessary. Evil does keep score by the number of dead, that is why we must fight it in Iraq.

This is the year 2005. Last night we turned back our clocks. Across this country there are about 2,005 families who are grieving, families who wish they could turn back the clock and once again hug beloved fathers, sons, daughters, loved ones.
Next, I will direct you to how the Left honors our war dead: (click here).

This is illustrative how the "anti-war" left doesn't give now nor did they ever give a flying fuck about our soldiers. To them, soldiers are nothing but useful pawns toward their bigger goal--the defeat of George Bush, and to a larger extent, the defeat of capitalism itself in this country.

2000+ deaths are a cause celebre for them; and judging by the pictures they're more than willing to dance on the bodies of our dead to further their agenda.

They are beyond despicable.