Thursday, June 29, 2006

See ya at Keegan's tonight...

I'll be there (along with my brother who's visiting from Chicago) to kick some "big fat backside" in trivia.


Man, did I have a good time, well, what I can remember of it, anyway. The usual Fraters were there (who, incidentally, won Trivia--again). I also had the chance to meet David Strom from the MN Taxpayers League who finally made good on his promise to give me a primo cigar--and Primo it was--thanks, Dave! Aside from the embibing and the fellowship with my brother and some of Minnesota's finest bloggers, including Andy from Residual Forces and also Heavy Handed, I got to meet Rob from Infinite Monkeys (a blogger from Arizona), who, despite spirited conversations with Chad the Elder, remains unchanged regarding his less-than-stellar appraisal of the NYT betrayal leak of classified information.

The highlight of my night, however, had to be when Derek Bingham from Freedom Dogs took pity on this poor blogger and offered to let me crash at his pad instead of taking the long trip back to St. Cloud at 11pm.

Folks--and I mean this, you will not find a nicer guy and a nicer family if you were to search the world over! His wife is a gem and his kids are cuter than cute. After arriving at the Bingham household, I was treated to another beer, as well as my introduction to the Trailer Park Boys, which was funnier than all get out. Derek was right, Andy will have to get over the stereotypes inherent in the program and give it a try!~

Thanks to Derek and his gracious wife and family for their hospitality!

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