Monday, February 25, 2008

Highway Robbery

With a day job with little opportunity for interaction with the outside world, you can unfortunately miss some important events that happen in a given day. To say that I missed an important event today would be a gross understatement.

After reading Andy's post about the woodshedding that was going on with respective Repbulican candidates and their delegate conventions, I held out a ray of hope that the economic homicide that the Minnesota democrat delegation was about to commit would be put on hold, in favor of cooler heads, and common sense.

I was wrong. The Minnesota DFL (D-Tax-N-Spend), along with 8 RINOs, voted to override what little protection that was left for Minnesota's already-beleaguered taxpayers. There were even two Republican senators who voted to override the veto, even though all that was needed was a party-line vote.

Congratulations, democrats and ex-Republicans. You just gave Minnesota's taxpayers the biggest state tax increase in the history of our lives; in the history of Minnesota, all in one feld swoop, without batting an eyelash.

Full of pork and empty promises, this "anything but transportation bill" will saddle Minnesotans with over $7 BILLION DOLLARS in NEW TAXES. At a time when the price of gas is near an ALL TIME HIGH; at a time when Minnesota is teetering on the brink of RECESSION, if not already in it.

Senator Tarryl Clark and Representative Larry Haws, and Representative Larry Hosch will all have some 'splainin' to do to St. Cloud area voters as to why they didn't feel the need to prioritize any spending before reaching their grubby little fingers into their constituents' wallets.

The 6 EX-REPUBLICAN house members, and 2 EX-REPUBLICAN senate members should be duly placed on notice that their seats are NOT SAFE, and they will be from now on known as personna non grata to their Republican constituents, as well as to the State Republican party as turncoats who couldn't be counted on to support their party leader as he tried to protect Minnesota taxpayers from this confiscatory, bloated, spending orgy.

This tax and spending orgy party created by the Minnesota DFL should be proof positive that they are genetically, and aphrodisiastically-addicted to spending other people's money like drunken prostitutes with an unlimited ATM card.


No tax increases in DFL budget plan

by Tom Scheck, Minnesota Public Radio
March 8, 2007

Despite their criticism that Gov. Pawlenty hasn't proposed spending enough on programs like education and health care, DFL leaders of the Minnesota Senate have come up with a budget plan of their own that doesn't raise general taxes. The proposal disappoints several committee chairs who were hoping for more money to follow through on some of the campaign promises they made last year.

Senate DFLers have been leading the charge in recent years to increase taxes. This year, DFL Sen. Tarryl Clark of St. Cloud says their spending plan will be more in line with Gov. Pawlenty's $34.4 billion two year budget proposal. (MPR Photo/Tom Scheck)

Gee... me thinks thou speakest with a forked tongue, Tarryl.