Thursday, February 14, 2008

The House Democrat Valentine to the American People

In short, "We don't give a damn about national security."

From a press release from Michele Bachmann (MN 6th CD)
It is unconscionable that with America’s security on the line, the Democrats chose to spend Congress’ time on pointless partisan posturing. As a member of Congress I serve no higher duty than to help keep our friends, families and loved ones safe. The Protect America Act has been a critical part of the effort to prevent, interrupt and foil terrorist attacks. Yet with it set to expire in just two days, the Democrats refused to work with Republicans to reauthorize it.

The Protect America Act provides vital updates to the original 1978 FISA provision, allowing law enforcement and intelligence services to meet the threat posed by the enemies of today. For over six months house Democrats have refused to bring a comprehensive, long-term FISA bill to the floor.

Even the Senate passed a bipartisan reauthorization bill. And the President cleared his schedule to ensure that terrorist chatter wouldn’t slip through the cracks while our intelligence officers awaited these important surveillance tools.

But the Democrats were more interested in establishing commemorative weeks, honoring groups and taking cheap shots at Administration officials. About the most substantive thing they had planned for today were technical corrections to a 36-year-old fungicide bill. And so I joined my fellow house republicans in walking off the floor today in protest.

America’s safety must come before partisanship. Democrats need to work with Republicans to pass long-term FISA reform. I hope that today’s Republican action will help propel a FISA bill onto the floor so we can get back to the business of protecting the American people.
And the Christian Science Monitor reports that the dems in Congress are willing to let FISA die altogether. Yeah.. real smart.

If we get another 9/11 or worse, lay the blame at the feet of Nancy Pelosi. 'Nuff said.