Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NBC: firing opening propaganda salvo at John McCain?

Reader Sid draws our attention to the NBC series, Medium. This Monday, the series will reportedly feature an episode in which a US Senator (from Arizona) hides a dark secret about his actions at a POW Camp during Vietnam (video preview here). Reader Sid states
while in the show the Senator might be a Democrat, come on the show is set in Phoenix. Most likely they aren't going to emphasize that the character is a Democrat though in the past I believe they mentioned that the DA is so if he is surely his top supporter would be as well.

But the main characteristics of the character (Arizona US Senator, former Vietnam prisoner of war) sure points to McCain. (And like I said he is practically a Democrat).

This is obviously NBC again using its dramas for political motives. Just like they did with their so called "Green Week".
Look for this as possibly the first salvo for the attempted propaganda-inspired de-inflation of John McCain.