Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crass vs. Class: A tale of Two Presidencies:


Remember how outraged we all were, when like a bunch of sadistic, vindictive middle school brats, when upon their exit, the trailer-trash Clinton administration looted the White House? (Of course, they finally said they'd pay for some items, but that was only after it was brought to light).  Remember all the missing "W" keys from the computer keyboards and other vandalism?


Upon taking residency at the White House, how did President Bush react to the Clinton looting and vandalism?  He was the adult.  He decided against prosecutions for the vandalisms perpetrated on The People's House.  Despite the catterwalling and incessant ravaging and character assassination by the leftist both within and without the beltway, Bush was determined to Set a "new tone" for Washington. President Bush respected his Office and chose to take the high road on this and many other issues, including inviting the Kennedy clan to the White House for movies and popcorn.   His respect for the office continued through his final days as President:
Unlike Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Laura Bush will take few treasured mementos with them from their years at the White House.

When the Clintons left the White House in January 2001, the former first couple took with them more than 50 gifts -- including a chandelier, flatware, and paintings -- valued at nearly $200,000.

The Bushes, however, borrowed from furnishings that already existed within the White House collection, said Sally McDonough, press secretary to Laura Bush.

"Mrs. Bush -- having the experience of being at the White House when her father-in-law was president -- knew how many beautiful things she had to choose from to furnish the residence. And she will go back to Texas with only those items that belong to her," McDonough told
By their fruits shall ye know them.