Friday, January 16, 2009

~I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing~ (What you didnt' see on the radio)

I was listening to Gov. Pawlenty's State of the State speech yesterday, as he gave an analogy of a family at a kitchen table, trying hard to budget themselves during these difficult economic times. I was struck by the loud and raucous applause given when Governor Pawlenty asked the legislature on behalf of every Minnesotan not to increase their burdens by raising their taxes. I thought to myself, given the volume and duration of the applause, the DFL folks must be applauding, too.

Kinda gave me a pretty good feeling--like there was actually bi-partisan agreement that raising taxes during a recession was a bad thing and off the table; that was, until I received this in an email from an observer who was there, who noted:
...How rude! Notably: When Pawlenty pleaded, on behalf of average Minnesotans, "Please don't raise my taxes," the GOP stood and applauded. The DFL sat on their hands.

What that tells us is clear: The DFL will raise our taxes, given the chance. This after Tarryl Clark told a recent meeting of St. Cloud area business leaders, "I won't raise your taxes." Senate Tax Committee Chair, Tom Baak, speaking Tuesday evening at the Minnesota Grocers Association dinner in St. Paul, acknowledged that taxes cannot be increased much because it would have a chilling effect on our already frigid economy, and extend our recession. Yet there they were, firmly sitting on their hands to tell us all what their response will be to Minnesotans' plea for no more taxes.

The DFL partisanship against Governor Pawlenty this afternoon was palpable -- evident in everything from silence, smirks and asides, to negative body language. They don't want to cooperate. They want to stick this in Pawlenty and break it off! Tarryl Clark's cold stares and lack of applause spoke volumes. This from a senator who promotes herself as a moderate bridge-builder and a bi-partisan!
In the words of another song,

~Can you feel the love tonight?~

Brace yourselves. I think we're about to be raped.