Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Washington Times hits it spot on...

In this op ed:
Democrats, after 11 years as the minority party in Congress, still can't get it right with their own voters, a poll shows.

By objecting to virtually every initiative and proposal of the Bush administration and congressional Republican majority, Democrats are undermining their party's chances of regaining the majority this fall, the John Zogby poll of 1,039 likely voters suggests.

While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and other visible Democrats in Washington pick fights with Republicans, the poll shows that 58 percent of rank-and-file Democratic voters say their leaders should "accept their lower position in Congress and work together with Republicans to craft the best legislation possible."

Only 6 percent of Democratic respondents say the No. 1 goal for their party's lawmakers in Congress should be to bury Republican bills.
And in a factoid that should drive a stake through the very heart of the moonbat-driven DNC:
The poll suggests that many Democratic voters accept their party's minority status. Nearly a quarter of Democrats -- 23 percent -- say Republicans do a better job running Congress.
Of course, the dems persist down their perrenial voyage down that long river in Egypt:
The Democratic National Committee disputes that interpretation.

"The poll reconfirms what Americans have been saying for months: Under Republican leadership, America is headed in the wrong direction," said DNC communications director Karen Finney. "The truth is, a lot of Democrats know that Republicans aren't doing a good job running Congress, and a strong majority have faith in Democratic leadership and ideas."
That's it in a nutshell. The dems have no ideas. Perpetual stonewalling and caterwalling do not leadership and ideas make. But as long as Reid, Finney, et al. remain delusional, I guess republicans will remain in the majority. Like I've stated before:
"Until the MSM and the entire "elite liberal" culture finally realize that "not everyone shares their prejudices," I'm afraid they will continue to alienate themselves, have continued downslides in ratings and newspaper circulation, and continue to lose elections.

And they still won't have the slightest clue as to why."
This latest Zogby poll appears most illustrative of that assertion.

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