Friday, July 14, 2006

And in the center ring....

Just a matter of time (unfortunately, IMO) before Matt Entenza is forced to hang it up. Not even the left-leaning AARP is going to back him up on this one. From Yahoo News:

To: National Desk

Contact: Mark Kitchens of AARP, 202-434-2560

WASHINGTON, July 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- AARP Spokesman Mark Kitchens made the following statement today in response to the July 12 Matt Entenza campaign statement.

On July 12, the Matt Entenza campaign issued a statement to the press which incorrectly declared:

"Despite the fact that AARP is reporting that United Health Group has issued a report, based on an independent, internal investigation, unequivocally stating that my wife, Lois Quam, has never had anything to do with granting stock options or setting compensation policy, my opponent and the State GOP leadership, continue to insinuate otherwise."

In no way, and at no time, did AARP issue a report, receive a UnitedHealth Group report, or conduct an investigation relating to Lois Quam or the granting of stock options or setting of compensation policy by UnitedHealth Group. This fact was communicated to Matt Entenza's campaign immediately upon AARP learning of the false Entenza statement.

And to add insult to injury:
Associated Press Writer

ST. PAUL — The owner of a Chicago research firm Rep. Matt Entenza hired to seek data about Attorney General Mike Hatch refused Friday to field questions about the extent of the probe.

A day earlier, Entenza released Dennis Gragert of Gragert Research LLC to talk to reporters about his investigation of the attorney general's office, a 2003 parking violation or any other matters. Entenza, a candidate for the office Hatch is leaving to run for governor, hoped Gragert would help put the unflattering episode behind him. Both men are Democrats.

Entenza maintains that he was conducting garden-variety research in 2005 to see how the office operated and never wanted to delve into Hatch's personal life.

"He understands that he's embarrassed me and he's embarrassed the attorney general and that shouldn't have happened," Entenza said of Gragert on Thursday.

That's it. Entenza is desperate. "Garden variety" research to see how the office operates, when Entenza himself was at one time assistant A.G.? It's like me hiring Dunn and Bradstreet to see how a school operates. And then he deflects his malfiesance onto what we're supposed to believe is a "loose cannon" research firm? I don't know about you, but IMO I can see a slander lawsuit coming from a mile away if Entenza isn't careful.
John Van Hecke, Entenza's campaign manager, said Gragert's availability is beyond his control.

"I can't compel the firm to speak," said Van Hecke, whom Entenza has identified as the intermediary between himself and Gragert.

Hatch hasn't granted interview requests from The Associated Press on the flap. Entenza said the two DFL-endorsed candidates are supportive of each other, although Hatch hasn't addressed that issue since the inquiry was exposed.

Cue the circus music and make up a big batch o' cotton candy, folks. This is gonna be interesting...

(BTW--I note that Entenza's campaign web site is curiously void of any recent press releases)

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