Monday, July 31, 2006

You just never know who you might meet...

Hey there, single ladies! Forget E-Harmony! Forget Who needs your butt-in-ski "matchmaker" Aunt Suzie--when there's Friendster! On Friendster you can meet all kinds of interesting people, like Naveed, whose passions include any kind of music (other than country or heavy metal), going out, hanging out with friends... oh yes, and did I mention shooting up Jewish community centers?

Unfortunately, as his profile indicates, Naveed didn't have many friends:

Naveed: This couch was comfortable

This couch was comfortable (Now there's a great line if I ever read one)

Male, 30, Single

Last Login : More than 3 weeks

Interested in Meeting People for: Dating Women, Friends, Activity Partners

Location: Pasco, WA

Hometown: Cleveland,Tri-Cities,Troy,Philadelphia, Seattle

Friendster Member Since: Feb 2004

More about Naveed

Schools (Other):

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Columbia Basin College, Washington State University

Columbia Basin College, Attended 2000 - 2004, Class of 2004, Other, prerequisites

Electrical Engineer

Parsons, Fluor Federal Services


Hobbies and Interests:
exercising, biking, going out and eating with friends, hanging out.

Favorite Books:
After college I decided not to read anymore

Favorite Movies:
Meet the Parents, Shawshank Redemption, Saving Private Ryan, Happy Gilmore, The Pink Panther movies

Favorite Music:
just about anything except country and heavy metal.

Favorite TV Shows:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Conan O'Brian Late Late Show. And some shows on Comedy Central.

About Me:
Exercising is a passion for me. I like to stay in shape and I like biking. Being opinionated is not me but I lean on the liberal side. I don't do anything real crazy, like ice climbing or bungee jumping (but he does like killing Jews). That would require getting off land, which I don't like to do. Finally, I like cats, but currently I have no cats. (I guess the cats wouldn't play with him, either)

Who I Want to Meet:
A person who has a sense of humor and is easy going like myself. (heh) A woman of the world, but not a worldly woman. I'm not sure what that means. It just sounded good. Last but not least, people with felonies need not seek my company. (heh--pretty hard to live with himself now, I'd guess)

Naveed's Testimonials

No Testimonials Yet (although I'm sure that Naveed will have plenty of time for some testimonials while awaiting his coming execution)

If you find this profile offensive, please report it to us and we will take appropriate action (Just like Naveed?)

So come on there, swinging bachelorettes--take a chance on "swinging" Naveed (heh--he may just be swinging on the end of a rope).

Or, wait for OBL's friendster page.

(h/t Sid)