Sunday, July 02, 2006

So Salman Rushdie is behind this, eh?

At least according to Zawahiri:
“Yesterday's incidents were also preceded by [former US President Bill] Clinton's and [former British Prime Minister Margaret] Thatcher's honoring of [Satanic Verses author] Salman Rushdie, to reward him for offending the prophet, may God's prayers and blessings be upon him and his chaste (heh-heh--he said chaste) household. Therefore, I appeal to Muslims in Kabul in particular and throughout Afghanistan in general to sincerely stand against the infidels' forces, which have invaded Muslim lands, for the sake of God
Heh. So Clinton and Thatcher were in cahoots with Salman Rushdie... hmmm... it's all beginning to come together now. Hear that, Jack Murtha (:::he keyboards with a smirk:::)

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