Thursday, July 13, 2006

This party will self destruct in five seconds...

The Mesabi Daily News, an Iron Range rag with roots knee deep in DFL-land, has a scathing piece chronicling the impending implosion of the MN DFL.

Remember that DFL unity thing?

It sure sounded good a couple of weeks ago as party-endorsed candidates made their way around the state, including the Iron Range. They were doing what they believed was kind of a group hug on their way to victories in campaigns for the U.S. Senate, governor, attorney general, various other state constitutional offices and a majority in the state Legislature.

All was good. All was rosy. They had circled the wagons to go after Gov. Tim Pawlenty and other Republicans.

But old habits die hard for the DFL. Now they are also a firing squad that has formed a circle and fired away — at least two of the biggest party names on the DFL ticket have done so.

And it’s political red meat for Republicans in July. Will it matter come fall when the real campaign kicks in? It could.

It goes on to say...
The party had several intra-family squabbles the past couple of weeks, but none of them rose to the level of potential electoral harm for the party more than the revelation that current DFL-endorsed attorney general candidate had the current attorney general and DFL-endorsed gubernatorial candidate investigated by a Chicago firm in February 2005.

Wow — the Republicans didn’t even have to pay to try to dig up dirt on the eventual DFL gubernatorial candidate, it was done by the eventual DFL attorney general candidate. And he didn’t even shop locally in the state.

Even in the often bizarro world of political intrigue, this one is really stupid, really goofy and really ridiculous.

It was revealed by the Star Tribune of Minneapolis on Wednesday that DFL House Minority Leader Matt Entenza had a Chicago business that investigates political candidates investigate DFL Attorney General Mike Hatch back in February 2005.

Entenza told the newspaper that he was just trying to understand the attorney general’s office better.

Right. Let’s see here. He’s the House minority leader, within easy walking distance of the attorney general’s office which is occupied by someone of his own party, yet he goes to the Windy City to hire someone to get him some information on how that state office works.

Gee, that just doesn’t seem to make sense. Unless, of course, you had aspirations yourself for the governor’s office and wanted to have someone else take shovel to political dirt and find some on the person — Attorney General Mike Hatch — who was clearly the DFL gubernatorial front-runner even at that time.

That, understandably, didn’t sit too well with the attorney general. “I told Matt, ‘If you want information, get it directly,’” Hatch recalled.

But Hatch had another response for Entenza. He tried to get other DFLers to run against Entenza for the party’s nomination for attorney general. Can’t blame him for that. And it could still happen as challengers to Entenza have until next Tuesday to file for the Sept. 12 primary

"Party Unity" and "DFL" are two diametrically opposed terms for the simple reason that it is not on the liberal's nature to be unified on anything. Rather, it is the "me first!" mentality of the liberal that makes it impossible for him/her to work toward the greater good. From their self-serving stance on the abortion issue, to their "Civilization-be-damned!" stance on gay marriage, the liberal's standing on every issue has always been and will continue to be, "It's all about me!" Pretty hard to work toward loftier goals when your only goal is immediate self-gratification.

Given that mindset, Entenza's behavior toward Hatch (and vice versa) is not only understandable, it is expected.

****UPDATE**** 6:43pm CDT

Looks like many other rags around the state are chiming in, including here, here, here and here.

And what's this? Entenza's wife named in a lawsuit for allegedly misleading investors?

I guess when it rains, it pours. Fear not. There's still plenty of time for the Minnesota MSM to circle the wagons and spread some love and sunshine on the DFL before election time.

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